Kiwi Trade Services – Kiwi Spouting Clean

spouting cleaning - Spouting CleaningKiwi Spouting Clean is KTS’s cost effective, no mess way to deal with blocked spouting, gutters, downpipes and water tanks.

No more climbing up on your roof, the team from KTS will come over and take care of those overflowing gutters for you.

Overflowing Gutters? We’ll be Right Over.

The Kiwi Spouting Cleaning system uses a full spouting vacuum system where all waste is collected and removed from your property.  All you’re left with is clean spouting and free-flowing downpipes.

The KTS team’s spouting service can include:

  • Exterior spouting clean
  • Roof treatments
  • Spouting and gutter repairs
  • Spouting and gutter replacements
  • Downpipe repairs and replacements
  • Water tanks

Residential and Commercial Guttering and Spouting Cleaning

Kiwi Spouting Clean is available for both commercial buildings and residential homes of any size or height – KTS team members are abseiled trained and can get to even the trickiest spot on your roof.

  • Residential gutters are cleaned for $200 + gst per home.
  • Commercial gutters are subject to a free quote, so give us a call today.

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